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Sound, Video, Stage and Lighting Hire
High quality live sound and video.
Sound and video recording leading to production of recorded material and streaming via the internet.
Mobile Stage cover now available Link
Remote control & broadcast cameras with internet broadcasting equipment and LED video lighting.
Web Streaming - Your event, conference, festivel, wedding etc live on Facebook, YoutubeLive or a private broadcast.
For more details Web Stream
Data Projector

Video Camera Hire - Cameras from Panasonic
PTZ Cameras from Datavideo with controllers
Mobile Studios - With built in screen, take video feeds from cameras and laptops etc.
HD Recording - Field Recorders and Desktop
Comprehensive range of sound systems for small meetings to large outdoor events. Let us advise you which is the most suitable. We can also provide trained personnel to run your event.  
1) Mixers from small analogue to digital.
2) Microphones for announcements, singing, instruments and recording.
3) Speakers from small portable to large array.
4) Foldback – stage and a inear.

Lighting matters  - get it right and it makes all the difference! Our hire fleet are mainly LED with low power consumption and are safe to handle – no burn fingers!
1) Events, conferences etc we can provide the correct light for video, stage colour and effects.
2) Weddings – light it well and give it the wow factor
3) Theatre and Schools – do you need extra profiles, fresnells, followspots etc. All our are high performance LED.

Email sales@newday.tv
Tel 01452 618619
Tel 08450 618619
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